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BittFlex is a website that covers everything related to the tech world. Each and every single author is a dedicated tech pundit. When it comes to cybersecurity, mobile phones, and software, no one knows it best as we do here at BittFlex.

Since 2018, we have provided coverage of what’s happening all across the tech industry in the best way possible. Coming straight from the minds of experts in the field, we report on stories that attract the viewer’s interests in a way others can’t.

Important news about mobile phone malware, leaked info about upcoming devices, password breaches, exploits & vulnerabilities, software glitches, the drama between tech companies, we cover it all with great enthusiasm because this is more than just a job for us. Here at BittFlex, we believe in enhancing our knowledge and with the job that we do, we learn things about what we love most, the tech world. We relate to the readers and that in itself sets us apart from other news networks.

Our main goal is to spread all kind of technology news and information to everyone.