Ultimate ICO Marketing Checklist for Online ICO Promotion

Here lie the treasure trove of marketing strategies you need to get your ICO off

the ground.


As it happens, the most effective ways of marketing in this digitalized world are in fact part of digital marketing.


So here are eight foundational strategies that will attract investors, experts, and enthusiasts to your project and ICO.


These 8 steps of ICO marketing are a cornerstone to make your token a success.


  • Have search engines index your site and optimize it (SEO ready)


Search engines index all the websites and their webpages to understand their content. So get your website indexed and optimize it (SEO) so that your target audience can find it.


  • Freely promote your ICO on ICO bench


ICO bench is a union of ICO providers, experts, advisors, and enthusiasts. Get your ICO on their list and have people review and rate it. Make sure you follow and consider their reviews and comments.


  • Get reviews from top YouTubers and Podcasters


There are many YouTubers and Podcasters that analyze and review ICOs on their channels. Some do it for free, some do it in exchange for an incentive, some do it for money, and there are some that will just scam you. So research well before choosing one.


  • Gain some PR


Contact the most relevant professionals and enthusiasts of the top authoritative news and media sites on LinkedIn or via mail. Get their attention; get the public’s attention.


  • Promote on online platforms and channels


  • Post on online forums
  • Get listed on ICO lists
  • Advertise on Facebook groups
  • Post on Top sub-Reddits
  • Share your ICO on Social bookmark sites
  • Advertise on Crypto news sites
  • Share your project on LinkedIn Groups
  • Get reviews on Crypto blogs
  • Use Google AdWords



Most people including investors and reviewers use Google and its services. So, you can use it to market and remarke, and get new clients for your ICO.


  • Primarily remarket on Google to specific relevant and likely audience.


  • You could also use Google AdWords to find many new customers.



Note: Be sure to exclude keywords related to ICO, token, blockchain, and sorts.


  • Promote on Facebook


A tool like Facebook Pixel is very good for remarketing purposes on multiple platforms alike.


  • Use Facebook to remarket ads to your prospects and existing customers


  • Also, you can get new customers and fans for your project



Note: Once again, be sure to exclude all the keywords related to blockchain, ICOs, and sorts.


  • Attend crypto conferences


If you have the budget for it, definitely consider attending the top ICO and crypto conferences. That’s probably the best way to meet the best influencers and crypto investors.


  • Email marketing campaigns


Email marketing is still the king of digital marketing. According to Hubspot about 70% of all emails are opened on mobile devices. So, just by making a mobile-friendly version of your emails with good looks and functionality can significantly boost your click-through rates. Here is the blueprint:


  • Buy newsletter emails and templates online,


  • Tailor those emails and campaigns to suit your needs, and
  • Make different triggered email sequences




That’s a massive to-do list, right?


To execute this ICO marketing checklist it takes around 100-200 hours per week – so that’s a 4-6 people team working full-time. Often times, it’s the best to hire a good ICO marketing agency and they will do all of the above for you. Of course, that costs money but if you know that you will raise several millions – it might be worth it.


Which-ever option you choose – to promote your ICO by yourself or with the help of an ICO agency – it will take several months of your life to reach hard cap. So, good luck 😉