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TipRanks to launch a cryptocurrency data analytics tool

TipRanks, a US-based financial analyst ranking administration, has extended its offering into the digital currency space with the launch of CoinWatch, which gives investors historical information and real-time analytics of over 1,000 distinctive virtual coins.

CoinWatch, works as an advanced information collection and AI analytics stage for digital currencies, and provides the investor specialists group with an entire perspective of the market. The new apparatus empowers clients to comprehend the crypto scene via a diverse range of far-reaching capacities.

Below mentioned is a list of key features which are included, They are, a cryptocurrency exchange converter, alerts, advanced analysis, investment ideas, pricing data, heat maps, social media analytics, sentiment analytics, portfolios performance tracker and various other tools that covers almost all cryptocurrencies.

CoinWatch, which will be launched in early Q2, is created on the machine learning tools and an extensive set of advanced natural language processing (NLP) developed by TipRanks.

The toolkit would also provide a model for calculating a number of mentions and analyze millions of news articles for cryptocurrencies in social media with the purpose of finding what appeals the most. That is not all the toolkit will also provide historical comparisons and analysis.

TipRanks has developed a niche that provides aggregated big financial data – such kind of information is of immense value to a growing base of traders in the US as well as all over the world.

As part of an ongoing effort of providing new research and analysis capabilities to companies, Tipranks has been working round the clock for expanding the market analysis of its Stock Analysis Tool-Kit. It was also quite a noteworthy deal for Tipranks where earlier in 2017 Nasdaq and Santander both integrated the service into their respective offerings, giving TipRanks access to its largest client base till date.

CEO and Co-founder of TipRanks, Uri Gruenbaum gave his opinions on the new product by saying: “Out of the hundreds of websites around cryptocurrencies, only a handful actually provide meaningful data. We’ve integrated our proven technology and expertise in natural language processing and machine learning to develop proprietary datasets, with the aim of helping investors make better decisions. We noticed the  uncertainty and confusion of investors in the cryptocurrencies world and decided that a new technological tool is required to make this world more transparent.”

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