Russian officials began cracking down on an illegal crypto mining farm

Earlier in the week, RIA56, a Russian news source reported that the police officials of the upcoming Fifa World Cup 2018 host have filed a case against two organizers of a cryptocurrency mining farm in Orenburg, Irina Volk of the Ministry of the Interior of the Russian Federation further confirmed this news.

When the police did a search at the former plant of the RTI which they believed was a mining farm, they found more than 6000 pieces of computer machinery. Secret agents were deployed by Russian Police at the site.  Nearly 8 million kilowatts per hour was being utilized by the bitcoin farm raising further suspicions, also what’s noteworthy is that this was excluding account power consumption.

According to the Police, the equipment was found connected to the power grid and also to power supply cables which lead to an adjoining substation.

The identity of suspects Revealed

According to Volk, The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in the Orenburg district have identified the suspects who were involved in the crime. These suspects were identified as two company officials working in the factory. The company has been slapped with a criminal case based on property damage.

A mining farm was accounted for toward the beginning of March, yet police did not bother to look into it at the time. Engineers suspected extensive scale robbery with power and cautioned law enforcement, who found powerful PC hardware they suspected was utilized for cryptocurrency mining.

Nor has the scale and profitability of the farm been assessed by the Police and neither has the quantity of mutilation caused been evaluated either.

In March, several unnamed sources claimed a mining workshop in Orenburg was the biggest in the Volga Federal District. As per informal sources, suspicious individuals involved in electricity robbery and “grew” countless rubbles worth of cryptocurrency.

However, at that time neither did the Police nor di the power company officials come forward.

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