New Blockchain Based Platform Launched For Photographers

A brand new blockchain platform known as Totem has been launched by Baidu.

As per Baidu, this new platform will provide much-needed help for photographers as it will safeguard them from copyright infringement.

The Chinese internet giant, Baidu, has often been compared with Google. What is quite noteworthy is the fact that Google has announced a ban on crypto related ads, but Baidu has gone on to launch another blockchain platform. Thus resulting in contrasting views of both internet giants.

Totem is said to be a tool that will enable photographers to safeguard their hard work against unapproved utilization and to link customers needing stock photographs with pictures as per their requirements.

The system is also all inclusive of offers like writing copyright information (including a timestamp) to the blockchain for every portrait on the platform and producing unique data that denotes each and every one of those copyrights.

As per reports, it has been revealed that the platform’s AI components can perform several tasks. In addition to utilizing image analysis for developing a “picture Tag smart reference and image repossession subsystem” for entities seeking to utilize copyrighted images, the platform would also be able to help track pictures that have been utilized with the copyright owner’s permission while also identifying situations when the pictures have been published without authorization.

Baidu, which was officially presented as a member of Hyperledger in late 2017, reported in January that it had propelled a blockchain-as-a-service stage, on which different organizations can create arrangements for problems related to digital money, “protection administration, financial auditing and that’s only a gist of what it can do.”

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