Millions of Indonesians to be empowered by a blockchain company initiative

The latest news coming from Singapore earlier today (9th April) reveals that a partnership has been announced by Horizon State, a company leveraging Blockchain to revolutionize community empowerment.

The company announced its strategic partnership with Dr. Marzuki Usman, a leading economist, and international FinTech firms — Morgan De Vere and MCV-CAP to deliver Blockchain-powered amenities to the citizens of Indonesia.

A joint planning summit was organized by all the parties combined, the event ended with a ceremonial for signing the partnership framework at the Marina Bay Sands hotel in Singapore.

Dr. Usman, former chairman of the Jakarta Stock Exchange, who, to his credentials has previously held several ministerial positions in Indonesian governments, has had high regards about this partnership by terming it as a significant step towards the future by encouraging citizen engagement via the implementation of Blockchain for promoting involvement and pluralism.

Dr. Usman also stated that the strategic partnership gives a confirmation of Indonesia’s growing acceptance for the implementation of Blockchain technology to provide important amenities which will, in turn, improve the lifestyle of its people.

As per the statement was given by Dr.Usman, it reads, “I am tremendously delighted to have signed an agreement today ( 9th April) with Horizon State and Morgan De Vere. Together we will bring several new prospects to the people of Sumatra with cutting-edge Blockchain technology.”

By making use of the delivery systems that permit individuals to contribute in the decision-making processes on the matters that affect them, the partnership most certainly gives a commitment of providing digital services that promote superior equality and prosperity for communities.

The Horizon State platform is expected to be adopted and revealed in multiple stages anytime within this year.

By having access to added cutting-edge applications, because of the partnerships, and also by being integrated into the Horizon State eco-system, residents shall undoubtedly enjoy its benefits.

MCV-CAP will be the first partner to integrate services on the Horizon State platform, providing smart wallet technology and digital banking facilities, bringing equality through access to affordable financial vehicles to large populations.

Oren Alazraki, the chief executive officer of Horizon States mentioned that the partnership coagulates the company’s position as a forerunner in the digital community provider space.

As per Alazraki’s statement. It reads, “This pilot empowers us to address matters of accessibility to a range of services for the citizens of Indonesia.”

The Chief Executive Officer also went on to add, “We have already witnessed a rapid rate of interest in our platform by establishments, for the purpose of engaging members in meaningful dialogue to develop organizational presentation via improved decision-making and accountability.”

Horizon State
Horizon State is leveraging Blockchain technology to reshape the system by which opinion is beseeched, societies are empowered, and decisions are taken.

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