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Introducing The Very First Crypto Bank and ATM In History

One of the most unique Blockchain oriented bank system, Nuo, which has also adopted cryptocurrency, and has gone onto opening the very first crypto bank branch with ATM services.

Co-founder of Nuo, Varun Deshpande said, “This is the very first decentralized bank branch for cryptocurrency worldwide without any supervisor or officer”, on the official blog of the company over Medium.

All the essential procedures and practices are fully automated in the decentralized branch, which completely eliminates the problem of long queues. All users across the world can avail the banking services by visiting the branch with no additional costs.

The Future Bank for the developing markets

The company Nuo has set a target to provide financial services to over a billion people by establishing a safe and secure decentralized banking system.

The entrepreneurs backing the company are Varun Deshpande, Siddharth Verma, and Ratnesh Ray.

The Nuo platform looks forward to being an effective substitute and replacement for the traditional banking system and boost the use of cryptocurrencies. Deshpande states, “this decentralized bank’s primary goal is to eradicate the need for bank executives and managers.”

In case of attending and dealing with customers, “We are also setting up Advanced Artificial Robotic Account Managers (AARAM)”, Deshpande further added.

AARAM, is a user-friendly automated voice command system that will enable customers to interact and find solutions to their queries, like for instance current cryptocurrency market prices, digital loans, private keys etc, avoiding regular nagging calls from officials regarding investment and insurance policies.

Nuo’s AARAM Features

To get your own personal AARAM, download, and signup on our official app.

The latest version of the Nuo app provides users options to hold and store their cryptocurrency funds (LTC, BTC, BCH), with peer-to-peer transaction facility.

Customers are welcomed to the branch to use the very first crypto ATM globally, to deposit or withdraw cryptocurrencies which are currently limited to Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash. However, very soon they would initiate supply for Ethereum and other ERC-20 coins. The ATM system is completely running on a decentralized platform that allows you to digitally access your account through a secure M-Ping or fingerprint recognition.

Singapore based Crypto Bank would be operational and accessible 24*7 all days of the week.

“This establishment has created a history in the banking sector”, Despande concluded.

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