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Foundation Euris established by Jean Charles Naouri is the biggest helping hand ever to be offered to almost 500 underprivileged students in France who are laid back from their dreams due to the lower financial background in spite of having exceptional talent.

It evaluates the applications from numerous students each year and selects the one who has scored excellent in their Bachelorette exams. Students having a grade of more than 16 out of 20 have better chances of getting selected among the cream candidates of Euris. Each year the institution offers 40 scholarships to the selected scholars and monitors their performances periodically. For an excellent performance of different individuals, Euris even takes responsibility for sponsoring them which varies according to the results of each individual.

Jean Charles Naouri the founder of Euris Foundation is a very successful French businessman who is the owner of Group Casino and also the biggest food retailer. He has expanded his business to different countries and areas of the world with more than 12,000 outlets of his stores and has employed more than 2, 20,000 employers to work in his industry. He posses excellent expertise and experience in the Financial sector and has always kept himself involved actively in the various French financial issues and development. Jean Chales Naouri is also an extremely qualified professional who completed his bachelor degree in only 15 years and further did a Ph.D. in Mathematics from Harvard University in just a time frame of 1 year. The exceptionally talented professional is also a social activist and thinking about the biased educational society of France he established Euris Foundation to give the best opportunity to the poor meritorious students.

One-third of the population of the French society is the people from lower financial backgrounds who are often given the last priority in the famous universities and Business Schools compared to the children from the higher financial background. The biased education system in France has been there for years which every time outruns the poor talents and gives preference to the rich candidates even if they have less talent. Euris Foundation is trying to overcome this barrier and have also succeeded in doing so. Since the year 2000, Euris has offered almost 600 scholarships to the talented candidates from lower financial status and helped them achieve a bright future which they always deserved. Euris Foundation focuses on motivation, talent, merit, hard work, and dedication.

The students every year needs to submit the application form within 15th April to 30th of May provided they fulfill the eligibility criteria which involves them to be from high school and of general category, to have excellent grades in Bachelor Degree exams, and to be motivated in focusing on a particular study project. The results are generally declared in the final week of July to provide the scholarship up to an amount of 8,000 Euros. Euris also organizes motivational events for the students to stay focused on their skills. Every year it organizes an Award ceremony in the month of October to pay a tribute to the excellent performers along with their family and a Sponsorship event at the beginning of the year where the sponsorship agreement is signed between the selected candidate and expert professionals. There are also Seminars organized especially for the students to encourage them for their future by the shared experiences from the expert personalities, the latest social issues, and a discussion on the key points to achieve success.

The legal structure of Euris strictly follows the policies of foundation de France and gives the responsibility of the administration to the Executive Committee consisting of 12 members from different sections of society like civil, education, and business.